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Two destinations in a thousand years ago had no boundaries and was the place where the splendor shone everywhere. It was a leading region named Al Andalus

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It is a region in south of Spain with a great personality , his name brings to mind a number of topics of Spain like beautiful women , dancing with castañielas , flamenco , processions of Holy Week , the bulls , the sherry , flamenco, gypsy caves and wagons , full sun , desert beaches.... but Andalusia is much more, it's gastronomy, culture and above all it 's fun, because we do not understand life differently.



It is an ancient country , is different, just across the street from the water , also known as the Strait of Gibraltar that you see in the  picture , you'll discover, enter another world and culture. Travel to Morocco is not seeing, is not collecting art landscapes                 and gastronomy , is not to get a stamp in their passport more . Knowing Morocco is an explosion of the five senses, sight , hearing,   smell, taste and touch all at once in a joyful and unforgettable tension.